Deep Sky Celebration

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What is amazing to me is that the ancient photons are so beautiful to our eyes, and when mixed with music, can be an inspiration to our soul.

You will need a broadband connection for the higher res movie. Please let the movie download until it starts on its own.

For those with slower connections please try this link on my YouTube account:


Dusty Galaxy Group NGC7770 & NGC7771

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This interacting group of galaxies reside behind an amazing amount of foreground dust.  This high latitude dust reflects the light from our own galaxy.  This dust makes color changes by scattering light, especially blue light making image processing a challenge.  This dust is very faint and I enhanced it to make it easier to see it’s  interesting structures.  This image was selected by NASA for The Astronomy Picture Of the Day.

I also processed this image without enhancing the dust to reveal the galaxy details.  You can see the zoomable image HERE.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look, any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

The Blue Lagoon

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  M8 the Lagoon Nebula

 This star forming region glows from the power of the young star cluster NGC6530 and was taken with Astrodon Narrowband filters.  You can see more of my images at

IC342 Dusty Galaxy

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M76 The Little Dumbell Nebula

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The Little Dumbbell Nebula

Planetary nebula M76 has an incredible shape caused by gas expanding from its box shaped core.  The details with-in the extensions show very interesting filaments and knots detailed by using special narrowband filters. 

Mixing the Red – Green – Blue  data with the light from ionized oxygen (OIII) and hydrogen (ha) helps bring out these interesting details.


Hello world!

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